Hagan Core 84 Lite Touring Skis – DNI280


Brand: Hagan
Color: Blue


Hagan Core 84 Lite Touring Skis – DNI280

The HAGAN Core 84 Lite Touring Skis Black are high-performance skis designed specifically for ski touring adventures. These skis are lightweight and agile, making them perfect for long, uphill climbs and efficient traverses. With a narrow waist of 84mm, they strike a balance between floatation in soft snow and stability on harder-packed terrain.

These skis are constructed using a combination of lightweight carbon fiber and durable wood core materials, resulting in a ski that is both robust and lightweight. This construction also enhances the skis’ responsiveness and energy transmission, allowing for precise control and smooth skiing experience.

The HAGAN Core 84 Lite Touring Skis feature a versatile all-mountain rocker profile, which enables smooth turn initiation and excellent edge hold on various snow conditions. The rocker design also enhances floatation in deeper snow, making it easier to navigate through powder.

These skis are specifically designed for the demands of ski touring, with a generous tip and tail rocker that helps to reduce tip dive and enhance maneuverability on steep descents. In addition, the ski’s progressive front shape allows for effortless turn initiation and control in variable snow conditions.

The black colorway adds a sleek and modern aesthetic to the skis, making them visually appealing on the mountain. Whether you’re heading out for day tours or multi-day expeditions, the HAGAN Core 84 Lite Touring Skis Black offer a reliable and high-performance solution for any ski touring adventure.

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