Cairn Dh Light Sunglasses – WLM219


Brand: Cairn
Color: Golden


Cairn Dh Light Sunglasses – WLM219

The CAIRN Dh Light Sunglasses in Matt Black with neon pink accents are the perfect combination of style and functionality. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, these goggles and sunglasses provide excellent protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays while keeping your vision clear in challenging conditions. The frame is made of lightweight and durable materials that ensure comfort and longevity. The lenses are scratch-resistant and provide excellent clarity, giving you a crisp view of your surroundings. With their sporty and trendy design, the CAIRN Dh Light sunglasses are a great addition to your outdoor gear collection. Whether you’re hiking, biking, or hitting the slopes, these goggles and sunglasses will keep your vision clear and your eyes protected.

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