Cebe STrike Sunglasses – LGU109


Brand: Cebe
Color: Blue


Cebe STrike Sunglasses – LGU109

Ultra-flexible bi-material coloured frames for maximum comfort, the S?TRIKE is designed for 3-5 year old future champions.Equipped with Cébé Blue light lenses for optimal eye protection, this new model integrate our Symbiotech Technology – engineered with a mechanism on the inside of each arm, the spatula has V-Shaped tips which give two additional contact points – for a perfect hold on every child?s face. S?TRIKE is just as comfortable as it is fashionable.


– Attached directly to the tips of the temple for safety and comfort.
Cébé Technologies XTRA-FLEX

– smart frame construcation, based on a combination of nylon and soft materials where needed, to gurantee great flexibility for the temples. This ensure perfect ergonomics and safety.

– Exclusive concept featuring V-shaped temples for perfect and even distribution of the weight of the sunglasses. Resulting in advanced comfort and a level of stability never before achieved in the market.

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