Grivel Mountain Ski Goggles – BCC420


Brand: Grivel
Color: Black


Grivel Mountain Ski Goggles – BCC420

These goggles are minimalist, light but at the same time highly protective to meet the specific needs of ice climbers and mountaineers. Flexible hypoallergenic multilayer memory foam, comfortably fitting everyone’s face. The polycarbonate lens supports a special FogStop system to reduce fogging and offers the best protection from UV rays for mountaineeri g and glacier walking (Ice Goggle cat. 4 protection). The curve of the lens causes less distortion and more airflow. These goggles are very easy to adjust and compatible with the most common helmets on the market.


– Activities: mountaineering
– Materials/construction/technologies: polycarbonate, memory foam, elastic webbing
– Accessories included: glazable clipon, helmet adapters, bag


– Weight: 60g (2,1 oz)

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