Bliz Nova Nordic Light Ski Goggles – FIM108


Brand: Bliz
Color: Black


Bliz Nova Nordic Light Ski Goggles – FIM108

– You have made your way all the way to the top of the ski slope. How much do you want to see on the way down as you rush forward? Just enough? No, with Nova Nordic Light you maximize your field of view and allow you to focus fully on the run. The Nordic Light™ lens gives you the best vision even when the light and the weather let you down. Contrasts are enhanced and visibility is greatly improved. Double lens with fog protection, ventilated frame and really comfortable fit means you hardly think your goggles will protect your eyes. You will have plenty to think about, and how good the sight is. Suitable for alpine skiing and free riding. See more in all weather with Nova Nordic Light, run after run.

Lens Features:
– Nova Nordic Light is equipped with Nordic Light™ lens. A high-tech lens that significantly enhances the contrasts and colors, which gives you a clear and sharp view in poor lighting conditions, such as flat light. The lens removes blurry colors between the blue and the green as well as the green and red wavelengths. These color overlaps are blocked by the Nordic Light lens, which results in significantly higher contrast and sharpness even in the harshest weather conditions.

– Nova Nordic Light has 3-layer foam with the inside of the fleece closest to the face for maximum comfort.

– Customize Nova Nordic Light to the helmet with adjustable side buckles and a strap with silicone treatment. If you have regular glasses you can easily wear them under your goggles thanks to OTG customization. If you want to change the lens, make it easy for one of our other lenses (available as an option).

– Nova Nordic Light gives you a field of vision out of the ordinary, even in poorer lighting conditions. A result of many years of experience and collaboration with the world´s best athletes. A model with ventilated frame and double lens with Nordic Light™ treatment. Outer lens in unbreakable X-PC with 100% UV protection and an acetate inner lens with anti fog protection that effectively gives you clear visibility in all weather.

– The Nordic Light™ lens is a high-tech lens that significantly enhances contrasts in poor lighting conditions such as flat light. Adjustable side buckles and silicone treated straps provide perfect fit on the helmet. Nova Nordic Light is also an OTG model. If you spend a couple of days on alpine skiing or free riding, you will get comfortable with the 3-layer foam.

– Nova Nordic Light has a unique frame that is for one thing – maximize your field of view. See more than ever in the ski slope with Nova Nordic Light!

Technical Features:

100% UV-Protection:
– Bliz Active Eyewear protect your eyes efficiently against harmful UVA and UVB-rays.

Unbreakable Polycarbonate Lens:
– The lenses are made of Unbreakable Polycarbonate which are 10 times more impact resistant than plastic or glass lenses and offers the highest degree of protection.

Double Lens:
– Double lens for maximum anti-fog

OTG – Over the Glasses:
– OTG models enable you to wear your ordinary glasses with your goggles while performing sports.

Ventilated frame:
– Ventilated frame to avoid the lens from fogging up.

3 Layer Foam:
– 3 layer foam for a comfortable fit.

Flexible sideclips:
– Flexible side clips for perfect fit with helmets.

Silicone Strap:
– The silicone strap makes sure that your glasses always stays in place.

45 mm silicone strap:
– The 45mm silicone neck strap makes sure your goggles stays in place on your head.

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