Julbo Razor Edge Ski Goggles – MUV577


Brand: Julbo
Color: Black


Julbo Razor Edge Ski Goggles – MUV577

Julbo took no shortcuts in designing the Razor Edge, the new premium, bold, and frameless XXL photochromic ski goggle. Built for backcountry charging, inbounds hotlaps and everything in between, the Razor Edge has an oversized, cylindrical REACTIV lens with maxed-out peripheral and vertical vision and a fully frameless shape. When it comes to assertive style and top-level performance, the Razor Edge holds nothing back.


– Intended Use: The Razor Edge has an oversized and cylindrical REACTIV lens with maxed-out peripheral and vertical vision and a fully frameless shape. Assertive style meets clear vision for backcountry charging and resort hotlaps.
– Air Flow: Ventilation incorporated into the frame promotes air circulation to prevent fogging.
– Anti Fog Coating: The inner surface of the lens has an additional coating to prevent fog buildup.
– Extra-Wide Double-Adjustable Strap: The 50mm-wide strap has assertive style and guaranteed grip. Two loops on either side allow for symmetrical adjustability and compatibility with all helmet types and sizes.
– Dual-Density Foam: Two layers of foam provide an optimal fit, with a soft-touch layer for comfort against the skin.
– Frameless Construction: A slim frame offers an extra-wide field of view with unobstructed clarity. The strap is inserted directly into the frame for a minimalist look.
– Full Silicone Strap: Three silicone strips ensure perfect grip.


– Lens Height (mm): 99
– Lens Width (mm): 165
– Weight: 130g.


– Properly cleaning your eyewear can prevent damage and prolong its lifetime. Avoid using solvents, chemical cleaners, paper-based products, gloves or other abrasive materials that may damage the lens.
– Gently wash the frame and lens in soapy water.
– Rinse the frame and lens thoroughly with clean water.
– Wipe away moisture with a soft microfiber cloth or non-abrasive material. Let the glasses air-dry.
– Store glasses in their microfiber case/pouch. Avoid direct sunlight or leaving next to a heat source.

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