Smith Squad Ski Goggles – OZQ017


Brand: Smith
Color: Yellow


Smith Squad Ski Goggles – OZQ017

The weather and light are always changing, and the Smith Squad goggles set you up for a crystal clear view through it all. Their semi-rimless design and oversize cylindrical lens yield a wide field of view backed up by sharp optics and our best anti-fog tech. ChromaPop™ lens options heighten contrast and color so every wind lip and terrain feature comes through loud and clear.


– Cylindrical Carbonic-x lens for clarity and impact resistance with built-in Airflow technology for active ventilation
– Fog-X anti-fog inner lens for fog-free performance
– Available with ChromaPop™ lens: ChromaPop™ enhances contrast and natural color to make the details pop

Fit / Integration:
– Designed for ultimate integration with Smith helmets for maximum comfort, venting and fog-free performance
– Dual-slide strap for easy size adjustment
– Ultra-wide, silicone-backed strap stays put
– Two-layer DriWix face foam wicks moisture for a fog-free fit
– Responsive Fit™ frame adjusts to your face for a precise, comfortable fit


When You See More, You Can Do More.

Charge harder, faster, and longer with the amplified detail and enhanced natural color of ChromaPop™. Through our proprietary ChromaPop™ lens technology, we help you see detail and color beyond normal capabilities. ChromaPop™ filters two specific wavelengths of light that cause color confusion.

– The eye´s retina has trouble perceiving the difference between blue and green, and red and green light.

With ChromaPop:
– ChromaPop™ filters these specific crossovers, allowing greater definition, natural color, and clarity.

Smith MAG™:

Dual Locking Mechanisms:
– Once in position, the lens carrier provides a patent-pending dual locking mechanical engagement to secure the lens. With the Smith MAG™ two locking mechanisms, the lens stays locked tight for whatever the hill throws at you. A simple push of one lever at either side of the lens releases the lens for easy swapping as the light and conditions change.

Magnetic Contact Points:
– Strong and weatherproof N52 magnets automatically guide the lens into the anchored position. The magnetic function speeds up lens changes to get you back out riding faster.

Considered Design:
– Plastic grips are carefully considered and designed at the corners of the lens for easy interchangeability while protecting the surface of the lens.


Birdseye Vision™:
– The 4D MAG has a 25% increase of overall field of view compared to Smith´s I/O MAG. Utilizing Smith´s new BirdsEye Vision™, you can now see more than ever before.

Image without a name:
– Spherical lenses are built on a base curve in both the X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) axis. Smith´s spherical lenses are offered exclusively in carbonic-x material with TLT Optics and a base 6×4 toric shape. This pioneering shape provides the highest level of optical clarity, improved fit characteristics and increased volume, improving fog performance.

– Cylindrical lenses are built on a base curve in only the X (horizontal) axis. Smith´s cylindrical lenses are offered in carbonic-x material with and without TLT optics and a base 6 curve. Providing Class 1 optical standards and optimum fit characteristics.


Responsive Fit:
– Responsive Fit design allows the frame to adapt and follow the contours of your face, fitting perfectly on any face. Using only the strictly necessary material and creating a flexible reticular architecture, Smith frames behave like a suspension system that precisely adapts to the unique shape of your face, ensuring an accurate and comfortable fit.

Quickfit System For Strap Adjustment:
– The QuickFit strap adjustment system allows you to quickly find the right fit.


Precise Fit:
– The ultimate integration is evident in the precise coordination of goggles and helmets from Smith. Our helmets are designed in such a way that they correspond to the curve of the frame of the protective goggles, which avoids the so-called ´´gap gap´´, a gap between protective goggles and helmet, and enables precise alignment of the AirEvac system of the helmet and the ventilation system of the protective goggles

Maximum Airflow:
– Protective goggles fog up if warm, moist air is trapped in the goggle chamber through standard helmets. Smith´s AirEvac ventilation systems generate maximum airflow and ensure that warm air that causes fogging flows out of the goggles. The warm air can exit at the top of the goggles and make its way through the helmet´s AirEvac system.

Rear Air Outlet:
– The warm air that accumulates in the goggles is discharged via the AirEvac ventilation system, flows through the AirEvac 2 EPS ventilation channels and is finally released as far away from the safety goggles as possible. Ultimate integration between goggles and helmet from start to finish.

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