Elan RC Wingman Shift+EL 7.5 Junior Alpine Skis – LPI068


Brand: Elan
Color: Golden


Elan RC Wingman Shift+EL 7.5 Junior Alpine Skis – LPI068

The ELAN RC Wingman Shift+EL 7.5 Junior Alpine Skis are vibrant orange skis designed specifically for junior alpine skiers. These skis are built with advanced technology to ensure stability and control on the slopes, allowing young skiers to confidently maneuver through various terrains.

The RC Wingman Shift+EL 7.5 skis feature an innovative construction that combines a wooden core with a reinforced fiberglass layer. This combination provides excellent energy transmission, allowing the skier to carve turns effortlessly and maintain stability at high speeds. The wooden core also adds durability to the skis, ensuring they can withstand the demands of aggressive skiing.

The skis have a moderate width underfoot, offering versatility for a wide range of snow conditions. This width allows the skis to perform well on both groomed trails and off-piste terrain. Additionally, the skis feature a slight rocker design at the tip, which aids with turn initiation and helps the skier float over softer snow.

The RC Wingman Shift+EL 7.5 skis are equipped with ELAN’s innovative Shift+EL binding system. This system allows the ski binding to shift forward and backward, providing an adjustable balance point that can be adapted to the skier’s preferences and skill level. This feature enhances the skier’s control and maneuverability, allowing them to fine-tune their performance on the mountain.

In summary, the ELAN RC Wingman Shift+EL 7.5 Junior Alpine Skis are an impressive option for young alpine skiers seeking reliable equipment. With their vibrant orange design, advanced construction, and adjustable binding system, these skis offer stability, control, and versatility, making them a fantastic choice for junior skiers aiming to progress their skills on the slopes.

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