Salice 022 RWX NXT Photochromic+Spare Lens Sunglasses – NJS524


Brand: Salice
Color: White


Salice 022 RWX NXT Photochromic+Spare Lens Sunglasses – NJS524

Captivating with its vintage taste in shapes and sizes:it is the brand new 022 eyewear from Salice. In the year of its centenary, Salice takes up and rediscovers the motif of the lines of the past to make them more current and modern than ever in terms of materials and construction technology, of course. Just the technology of this new eyewear is absolutely avant-garde with the wide cylindrical lens in high contrast polycarbonate HC. Protection and visual field go even further in the 022:the full-lens model has an absolutely exceptional fit for super face coverage. It wraps so much and so well that it is aerodynamic in its line and almost resembles a small mask, where, however, all the ´´light´´ and ´´freedom´´ characteristics, one can say, remain intact, which offers sunglasses. Salice´s new eyewear is ideal for all those sports – cycling first of all – where the search for a product that combines protection, visual field, lightness and stability when wearing it is increasingly high. Light and resistant, the 022 eyewear, which is full-frame, carries in the temples (on which Salice has space in modern 3D printing), its highly effective system for air flow designed to reduce fogging. It is printed in Grilamid with the inside of the Megol non-slip rubber terminals. The nose pad, with direct support to the face, guarantees comfort and prevents the glasses from sliding. Sold with HC high contrast RW mirrored lens. The lens, which is scratch-resistant, has anti-reflective and hydrophobic treatment. Thanks to this lens the colors are seen as ´´pop´´ and adapt to any type of sporting activity and not. In particular, the red, green and yellow colors manage to filter through the treated lens creating greater contrast, better separation of visible colors and a greater sense of depth. 022 is also equipped with a second transparent lens that is easily and quickly interchangeable or in the RWX version of the brand new mirrored photochromic lens RWX by NXT®. New born, the RWX by NXT® combines elements of high technology with elements of great aesthetic appeal

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