Rossignol Pure Pro 100 Gw Alpine Ski Boots – SVH642


Brand: Rossignol
Color: White


Rossignol Pure Pro 100 Gw Alpine Ski Boots – SVH642

High-performance skiing meets all-day comfort. The women´s Rossignol Pure Pro 100 ski boots pair cutting-edge women´s-specific shell design with a customizable liner for skiers who prefer a slim, performance fit. Using generative design, we´ve engineered the boot shell and cuff for maximum energy transfer and high-speed control through every turn. Adjustable flex and canting let you personalize the feel and response to match your skiing. A fully thermoformable liner lets you customize the fit. Merino wool insulation enhances liner warmth, so you can focus on your skiing. Maximize your ski experience with the Pure Pro 100.


Slim Fit:
– Women´s-specific slim fit features a 100mm medium last for a strong balance of comfort and support

Lightweight, Full Power:
– Data-driven Generative Design minimizes boot wall thickness for the most effective use of material to reduce weight and enhance power transfer

Better Skiability, Better Fit:
– Dual Core technology provides targeted power transmission and shell wrapping, resulting in livelier rebound, response and control

Optimized Rebound and Response:
– Asymmetric Dual Core Cuff combines softer plastic to wrap the lower leg with harder plastic where needed for support and power transmission for optimized performance and fit

Adjustable Flex:
– A simple rear spine adjustment provides an adjustable flex range of +5 to -5 for customized power, performance and comfort

Custom Comfort and Precision:
– Full custom liners are 100% customizable for enhanced comfort, precision and power transmission

Natural Warmth, Quick Drying:
– The liner features Merino wool for warmth, breathability and odor control

Women-Specific Fit:
– The shorter, tulip shaped cuff eliminates pressure around the shin and calf muscle for increased comfort and performance

Optimized Fit and Warmth:
– Our Seamless Toe Box eliminates pressure points for optimized out-of-the-box fit and reduces heat loss by 20%

All-Terrain Grip:
– Premounted GRIPWALK® soles feature a rubber tread and rockered toe for a more natural walking motion and increased traction


– Weight: 1,670 kg/half pair (size 24,5)

– Flexindex – Flex Index: 100
– Last – Last: 100
– Materialcuff – Cuff Material: Polyurethane
– Specscuff – Specifications: Flex Adjustment

– Technoshell – Technology: Generative Design Structure
– Materialshell – Material: Polyether
– Bootboard – Bootboard: Pu Foam
– Shellspecification – Specifications: Dual Core

– Bucklestechno – Buckles Technology: Flat Buckles
– Bucklesmaterial – Buckles Material: 100% Aluminium
– Bucklesadj – Buckles Adjustment: 4 Micro
– Bucklesaddfun – Additional Functions: Adjustable Teeth 3 Positions

– Linertechnology – Liner Technology: Full Custom
– Linerthermalinsulation – Thermal Insulation: Full Merinos Wool
– Linertongue – Tongue: Seamless Toe Box
– Powerstrap – Powerstrap Width (mm): 40mm
– Lineraddfunc – Additional Functions: Double Strap

– soles – Properties: Premounted Gripwalk


– Our progressive data-driven design approach harnesses the power of generative design to create the ideal boot shape. Focused on minimizing shell wall thickness for reduced weight while simultaneously enhancing power and support, our new GENERATIVE DESIGN STRUCTURE offers the most effective blend of both.

– Featuring a shorter upper cuff and open, tulip shape on the rear of the liner, the WOMENS CUFF accommodates a woman´s natural calf shape for increased balance, comfort, and performance.

– FLEX ADJUSTMENT allows a larger flex range for customized power, performance, and comfort via a simple rear spine screw adjustment.

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