Hagan Pure 90 Touring Skis – VUS895


Brand: Hagan
Color: Blue


Hagan Pure 90 Touring Skis – VUS895

The HAGAN Pure 90 Touring Skis in Blue / Dark Blue offer an excellent option for ski touring enthusiasts who crave both performance and style. These skis are designed to excel in various backcountry conditions, making them a reliable companion for exploring the mountains and challenging terrains.

With a width of 90mm underfoot, the Pure 90 Touring Skis strike the perfect balance between floatation in powder and stability on harder snow. This versatility allows skiers to effortlessly navigate through diverse snowpacks encountered during ski touring adventures.

Featuring a lightweight construction, these skis ensure efficiency during ascents without compromising downhill performance. The torsion-resistant design provides exceptional stability and responsive handling, allowing skiers to confidently carve turns in any conditions.

The blue and dark blue color scheme not only adds a touch of style to your ski gear but also enhances visibility on the slopes, ensuring others can spot you easily. This is particularly important when ski touring in remote areas, where safety is paramount.

The HAGAN Pure 90 Touring Skis are intended for experienced skiers who prioritize both uphill and downhill performance during their ski touring adventures. Equipped with these skis, skiers can confidently explore the backcountry, conquer challenging ascents, and enjoy thrilling descents, all while experiencing the ultimate freedom and connection with nature.

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