Marker Confidant Tour Helmet – LFL242


Brand: Marker
Color: Blue


Marker Confidant Tour Helmet – LFL242

The MARKER Confidant Tour Helmet in Steel Blue/Grey is a top-of-the-line helmet designed specifically for ski touring enthusiasts. This helmet is packed with features to provide maximum comfort and protection while exploring the backcountry.

The helmet boasts a durable steel blue and grey color scheme, giving it a sleek and stylish appearance. It is constructed with a hard shell exterior that effectively shields your head from impacts and accidents, ensuring your safety on the slopes.

The Confidant Tour Helmet is equipped with an adjustable ventilation system, allowing you to regulate the airflow and keep your head cool during intense physical activity. This is particularly important during ski touring, as it helps prevent overheating and excessive sweating.

Another highlight of this helmet is its integrated visor, which provides protection for your eyes against snow, wind, and harmful UV rays. The visor can be easily adjusted to your preferred position, ensuring optimal visibility without any distractions while skiing.

Comfort is prioritized in the design of this helmet, with a plush interior lining that contours to the shape of your head for a personalized fit. The adjustable sizing system further enables you to achieve the perfect fit, enhancing both comfort and safety.

The Confidant Tour Helmet also features a Fidlock fastener, which allows for easy one-handed operation when putting on or removing the helmet. This handy feature eliminates the frustration of struggling with traditional helmet buckles and ensures a quick and secure fit.

Overall, the MARKER Confidant Tour Helmet in Steel Blue/Grey is a top choice for ski tourers seeking both style and functionality. Its impressive features and robust construction make it a reliable companion for all types of skiing adventures.

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