Hagan Boost 94 Pow Touring Skis – BUX204


Brand: Hagan
Color: Multicolor


Hagan Boost 94 Pow Touring Skis – BUX204

The HAGAN Boost 94 Pow Touring Skis in Black / Blue are a high-performance ski option designed specifically for ski touring enthusiasts. These skis offer excellent versatility and control in various backcountry conditions, making them a popular choice among experienced skiers.

With a width of 94mm underfoot, the Boost 94 Pow skis provide exceptional floatation in deep powder snow. This wider platform ensures a stable and effortless glide, allowing skiers to enjoy a smooth ride even in challenging terrain.

The skis feature a lightweight construction, making them ideal for uphill climbs during ski touring. The carbon fiber and fiberglass laminate construction not only provides strength and durability but also enhances overall performance, responsiveness, and energy transfer.

The HAGAN Boost 94 skis are equipped with a rocker-camber-rocker profile. This design allows for easy turn initiation and effortless maneuverability while maintaining stability at higher speeds. The combination of a moderate tip rocker, camber underfoot, and slight tail rocker provides excellent edge hold on hardpack snow while ensuring easy turn initiation and floatation in soft snow.

These skis also come with a diamond-edge-sandwich construction, which provides torsional stability and edge grip. The ABS sidewalls enhance durability and dampen vibrations, resulting in a smoother and more stable ride.

The stylish black and blue color scheme adds a touch of flair to these high-performance skis. Overall, the HAGAN Boost 94 Pow Touring Skis are perfect for adventurous skiers who demand superior performance, control, and versatility during their ski touring expeditions.

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