Fischer RC4 120 MV Alpine Ski Boots – EGG359


Brand: Fischer
Color: Blue


Fischer RC4 120 MV Alpine Ski Boots – EGG359

The FISCHER RC4 120 MV Alpine Ski Boots in Blue Ocean are high-performance ski boots designed specifically for alpine skiing enthusiasts. These boots offer a perfect blend of precision, power, and comfort, making them ideal for advanced level skiers looking to carve through groomed slopes and take on challenging terrains.

The boots feature a sleek and stylish design with a vibrant blue ocean color, ensuring you stand out on the mountain. The MV (medium volume) fit caters to a wide range of foot shapes, providing a comfortable and secure fit without sacrificing responsiveness.

One of the key features of the RC4 120 MV Alpine Ski Boots is their progressive flex rating of 120. This means the boots have a slightly stiffer flex, allowing for excellent energy transfer and control at high speeds, maximizing your performance on the slopes. Additionally, the flex is progressive, meaning it becomes more forgiving as the boots are flexed deeper, enhancing your maneuverability in different skiing scenarios.

The boots also come with a heat-moldable liner, ensuring a personalized fit that conforms to your foot shape over time. The liner is not only comfortable but also provides great insulation, keeping your feet warm even in frigid temperatures. Moreover, the adjustable canting feature allows for precise alignment of the boots, reducing stress on your knees and ensuring a more efficient and natural skiing posture.

Equipped with four micro-adjustable aluminum buckles, the RC4 120 MV Alpine Ski Boots offer a secure and customizable closure system. The buckles are easy to adjust even with gloves on, allowing you to fine-tune the fit to your preference. The boots also feature a wide power strap, which helps enhance power transmission from your legs to the skis and provides additional support and stability.

In summary, the FISCHER RC4 120 MV Alpine Ski Boots in Blue Ocean are high-quality ski boots designed for advanced alpine skiers. With their precise fit, progressive flex, and customizable features, these boots offer the perfect balance between comfort and performance, ensuring an exceptional skiing experience on any terrain.

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