Elan Primetime 44 Fusion X+EMX 12.0 Alpine Skis – OHZ074


Brand: Elan
Color: Blue


Elan Primetime 44 Fusion X+EMX 12.0 Alpine Skis – OHZ074

The ELAN Primetime 44 Fusion X+EMX 12.0 Alpine Skis in Blue are a premium ski option for avid alpine skiing enthusiasts. These skis are designed to provide optimal performance and control on various snow conditions, from groomed slopes to deep powder.

The Primetime 44 Fusion X+EMX 12.0 skis feature a sleek and stylish blue design, giving them a distinct and eye-catching appearance on the slopes. The blue color adds an element of vibrancy and personality to your skiing experience, making you stand out from the crowd.

Built with the latest technology and high-quality materials, these skis offer a perfect blend of stability, agility, and responsiveness. The Fusion X construction combines a lightweight wood core with strategically placed high-density materials, creating a harmonious balance of flex and rigidity. This construction ensures enhanced energy transmission and dampening properties, resulting in smoother and more controlled turns.

Equipped with the EMX 12.0 binding system, these skis allow for effortless ski-to-boot power transfer, guaranteeing precise control and acceleration during your downhill runs. The binding system also offers an adjustable DIN range, accommodating different skiing styles and preferences.

The 12.0 Alpine Skis are specifically designed for alpine skiing, making them perfect for carving turns, racing down steep slopes, and mastering aggressive maneuvers. The ski’s sidecut and camber profile provide excellent edge hold, ensuring maximum grip and stability at high speeds or in challenging terrain.

Whether you are an experienced skier looking to push your limits or a passionate beginner striving for improvement, the ELAN Primetime 44 Fusion X+EMX 12.0 Alpine Skis Blue offer unparalleled performance, durability, and style for an unforgettable alpine skiing adventure.

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