Völkl Racetiger GS R W/Plate Youth Alpine Skis – XNB642


Brand: Völkl
Color: Red


Völkl Racetiger GS R W/Plate Youth Alpine Skis – XNB642

The VOLKL Racetiger GS R W/Plate Youth Alpine Skis in Red/Black are high-performance skis designed specifically for young alpine skiers. With their bright and eye-catching color scheme, these skis are sure to stand out on the slopes.

Crafted with the highest quality materials, these skis deliver exceptional speed, stability, and control, making them perfect for young racers or advanced young skiers looking to push their limits on the racecourse or groomed trails.

Featuring a race-inspired design, the skis are built for maximum performance. They are equipped with a rigid plate construction that enhances energy transmission, allowing for precise edge control and quick turns. This ensures that young skiers can carve through the snow with complete confidence and control.

The skis have a powerful giant slalom (GS) radius, providing stability and a smooth ride, even at high speeds. The durable and responsive construction allows for quick and easy edge-to-edge transitions, making them suitable for aggressive skiing styles.

Designed with the needs of younger skiers in mind, the skis have a youth-specific flex pattern that caters to their lighter weight and strength. This enables them to easily bend the skis and initiate turns without having to exert excessive effort.

Whether tackling the racecourse or simply enjoying a day on the slopes, the VOLKL Racetiger GS R W/Plate Youth Alpine Skis are the ultimate choice for young skiers seeking optimal performance and a thrilling skiing experience.

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