Scott Strike Poles – TFR027


Brand: Scott
Color: Red

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Scott Strike Poles – TFR027

Our Best-Quality Aluminum Paired With Our Proven Notch Grip Makes For A Versatile And Durable All-Condition Pole.


– Highly Durable Aluminum Finish
– High Strength-To-Weight Ratio
– Ergonomically Designed Grip
– Light, Breathable Strap Material
– Durable, Aerodynamic Basket


– S4 Aluminum Alloy Shaft
– 18mm Shaft Diameter
– Notch Grip
– Mountain Strap
– 3.6 Basket
– Ice Tip


S4 Alluminium:
– Scott Aluminum Ski Poles Undergo An Electrostatic Paint Process, Delivering A Clean,Contemporary, Highly Durable Finish. They Are Constructed With The Strongest Aircraft-Gradealuminum-Zinc Alloy Commercially Available, Which Has Been Heat Treated And Aged In Orderto Confer Its Excellent Properties. S4 Aluminum Poles Are Twice As Strong As The Industrystandard And Possess A Very High Strength-To-Weight Ratio.

Notch Strike Grip:
– The Notch Strike Grip Has Been Ergonomically Engineered Using Soft Thermoplastic Rubber And Polypropylene. The Lightweight, Streamlined Profile Facilitates Necessary Wrist Articulation.

3.6 Disc Basket:
– The 3.6 Disc Basket Blends Aerodynamic Efficiency, Durability, And Design. The 3.6 Disc Basket Is 60 Mm In Diameter.

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110 cm

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