Salice 019 RW Sunglasses – APW862


Brand: Salice
Color: White


Salice 019 RW Sunglasses – APW862

The Salice 019 model is a goggle designed for great performance, enveloping, light and firm on the head.

Ideal for all kinds of sports such as running, kitesurfing, rafting, rowing, sky runner and mountain skiing, it has been designed based on the needs of athletes.

It has an essential frame in Grilamid and is characterized by the possibility of applying, with a simple click, a pair of GRIPS on the temples, allowing the glasses to be fixed even more firmly to the head.

The 019 model comes with a second pair of lens and grip accessories.

019 offers the possibility of mounting optical clips, on which base 6 ophthalmic lenses can be molded, a practical solution for those who usually wear corrective glasses.

It also supports optical clip with polarized single vision lenses.

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