Pomoca Race Pro Grip Roll Skin 62 mm – KIK504


Brand: Pomoca
Color: Pink

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Pomoca Race Pro Grip Roll Skin 62 mm – KIK504

Skins in rolls
In steep and icy conditions a good grip can make the difference.
The resistant RACE PRO GRIP is the perfect balance between a great gilding, but a reassuring grip.

GLIDE: 186 kcal/h Energy consumption due to skin friction per hour on standard ski touring itinerary.
GRIP: 40 g/cm2 Estimate values based on TSA-Innsbruck studies.
WEIGTH: 1.200 g/m2

POMOCA has succeeded in making its classical SAFER SKIN membrane lighter. Thanks to finer layers in the membrane, SAFER SKIN LIGHT is 12% lighter (150g/m2 less). While remaining 100% waterproof, and with slightly less wear resistance, SAFER SKIN LIGHT makes the pair of skins about 60-75g lighter.

In the interest of continual improvement, POMOCA’s chemists have developed a new generation of EVER DRY that is gentler on the environment. The EVER DRY 2.0 treatment contains no PFOA, a chemical component that is harmful to the environment. Since April 2015, EVER DRY 2.0 technology has replaced the old EVER DRY in the entire collection of skins from POMOCA and its OEM clients
POMOCA has developed a new GLIDE process. With the same application technology, but a new, very high-quality GLIDE PRO product, skins with GLIDE PRO offer exceptional extra glide, which is essential for high-level competitors.

Good climbing grip is very important. So POMOCA has developed a combination of materials and weaving techniques to combine glide and durability with gripping power. Proper alignment and the fiber attachment systems make POMOCA skins very stable under all conditions and for the entire life of the skin.

One of POMOCA’s priorities is to always offer the fastest skin on the market. After the success of the RACE, launched in 2007, and the RACE PRO, launched in 2012, the POMOCA R&D team have succeeded in developing a new, extraordinary skin: The RACE PRO 2.0 generation. Competition-tested since early 2014, POMOCA has invested two years in optimizing its performance, achieving a skin with an unimaginable glide. Thanks to the combination of a new weaving system, new fibers and a new glide treatment, GLIDE PRO, the RACE PRO 2.0 is a must-have for monopolizing the podiums of the world’s most prestigious races.
Making the most of all this development, POMOCA also launches a new skin concept: The RACE PRO GRIP. Without renouncing excellent glide, the POMOCA RACE PRO GRIP provides excellent grip and increased durability; ideal for steep climbs, icy snow or as training skins.

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