Movement Logic 91 Touring Skis – FZR510


Brand: Movement
Color: Red


Movement Logic 91 Touring Skis – FZR510

The MOVEMENT Logic 91 Touring Skis in black are a must-have for any skier who wants to elevate their ski touring game. These durable and stable skis are designed with the latest touring technologies and materials, making them perfect for uphill climbing and speedy downhill descents. The Logic 91 skis offer unmatched versatility and agility, making them the ideal choice for all types of terrain and snow conditions. Constructed with a light wood core and high-quality fiberglass and carbon overlays, these skis are built to withstand harsh conditions and provide superior performance. With their sleek design and unrivaled performance, the MOVEMENT Logic 91 Touring Skis are a perfect addition to any ski enthusiast’s gear collection. Get ready to experience the ultimate ski touring adventure with these advanced and high-quality skis.

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