Movement Axess/Logic 86 Colltex Skins – AES399


Brand: Movement
Color: Grey


Movement Axess/Logic 86 Colltex Skins – AES399

The MOVEMENT Axess/Logic 86 Colltex Skins Mix / Hotmelt Black is a high-quality ski set that includes both skis and skins. Designed for backcountry skiing, this set offers impressive performance and reliability.

The skis feature a versatile and responsive design, allowing skiers to confidently navigate through different terrains. With a width of 86mm underfoot, they offer excellent stability and control, making them suitable for various snow conditions. The skis are constructed with durable materials that ensure long-lasting use, while their lightweight nature makes them easy to maneuver.

The included Colltex skins are designed to provide exceptional grip and glide. Made from a combination of nylon and mohair, these skins offer excellent traction on steep ascents and prevent slippage on icy surfaces. The adhesive backing ensures that the skins securely attach to the skis, providing the necessary traction during uphill climbs. The hotmelt black technology enhances the durability and waterproofing of the skins, allowing for consistent performance in wet or snowy conditions.

Overall, the MOVEMENT Axess/Logic 86 Colltex Skins Mix / Hotmelt Black set offers a perfect combination of skis and skins for backcountry skiers looking for reliable and high-performing equipment. Whether you’re exploring new trails or enjoying off-piste adventures, this set ensures a smooth and enjoyable skiing experience.

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