Marker Vijo+ Helmet – KSM878


Brand: Marker
Color: Blue

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Marker Vijo+ Helmet – KSM878

The MARKER Vijo+ Helmet Blue / Yellow is a top-notch helmet specially designed for alpine skiing enthusiasts. Featuring a vibrant blue and yellow color scheme, this helmet not only offers exceptional safety but also stands out among the crowd.

Constructed using a durable and lightweight ABS hard shell, the Vijo+ helmet provides excellent protection against impacts. It is also equipped with innovative MAP technology, which ensures that the force of an impact is evenly distributed throughout the helmet, reducing the risk of injury to the skier’s head.

Designed with comfort in mind, this helmet features a cozy interior lining made of soft, moisture-wicking material that keeps the wearer dry and comfortable throughout their skiing adventure. It also includes a dial-fit system, allowing for easy adjustment and a secure, customized fit.

The Vijo+ helmet is engineered with multiple ventilation openings, strategically placed to provide optimal airflow and prevent overheating. This helps to regulate the wearer’s body temperature and ensure maximum comfort during vigorous skiing sessions.

With its sleek design and vibrant color combination, the MARKER Vijo+ Helmet Blue / Yellow is not only a functional piece of protective gear but also a stylish accessory for any alpine skier. It meets the highest safety standards and offers unbeatable performance, making it a reliable companion on the slopes.

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