Line Bacon 115 Alpine Skis – ZNS572


Brand: Line
Color: Golden


Line Bacon 115 Alpine Skis – ZNS572

The LINE Bacon 115 Alpine Skis are high-performance skis designed for alpine skiing enthusiasts seeking a versatile, all-mountain experience. The skis feature a multicolor design that adds a vibrant, eye-catching appeal. With a 115mm waist width, these skis excel in deep powder but are also agile enough to navigate through groomed runs with ease.

Built with a sturdy and durable construction, the LINE Bacon 115 skis provide stability and confidence on various terrain conditions. The skis boast a lightweight core made of paulownia and maple, enabling quick turns and maintaining good floatation in softer snow. The early-rise tip and tail technology offer excellent maneuverability, allowing skiers to effortlessly float over any obstacles or variable snow conditions.

The LINE Bacon 115 skis are ideal for intermediate to advanced skiers who prioritize both performance and style. Whether carving down steep slopes, shredding through the backcountry, or enjoying some off-piste adventures, these skis offer a reliable and enjoyable ride. They provide optimal balance, control, and forgiveness, making them suitable for skiers looking to progress their skills and explore new challenges.

Equipped with a versatile profile, the LINE Bacon 115 skis offer stability at high speeds and maintain responsiveness across a wide range of snow conditions. The multi-directional sidecut enhances the skis’ ability to initiate turns smoothly and effortlessly while providing stability and confidence during high-speed descents.

In summary, the LINE Bacon 115 Alpine Skis Multicolor are a visually striking, high-performance option for alpine skiing enthusiasts. With their versatile design, lightweight construction, and versatile profile, these skis deliver an exhilarating experience on any mountain terrain.

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