Lange RX 100 LV GW Alpine Ski Boots – KLE482


Brand: Lange
Color: Black


Lange RX 100 LV GW Alpine Ski Boots – KLE482

The perfect balance of performance and comfort. Designed to deliver the power and precision demanded by the most committed all-mountain skiers, the new RX 100 Low Volume offers a racing pedigree with a more inclusive high-performance fit.
Our new Dual Core shell construction and Dual 3D liner integrate perfectly, ensuring unparalleled foot-wrapping and precision. The new innovative RBT tongue provides energtic power transmission and rebound. The new RX specific fit retains Lange´s strong heel lock and foot hold with more instant ´´out-of-the-box´´ comfort.


– The Fit of the boot (or last) is the width of the foot measured at the 5th metatarsal (widest part of the forefoot). It determines the level of control and precision of the skier. For a good ratio between comfort and control, choose a boot that matches the overall volume and length of your foot. Fit between 92-95 mm: Narrow, Fit between 97-99 mm: Medium, Fit between 100-102 mm: Comfort

– The “flex” of a boot indicates the level of support that boot will deliver. The greater (stiffer) the flex index, the more rigid and reactive the boot will be. The lesser (softer) the flex index, the more tolerant and comfortable.

– Choose the boots which offers the best ratio between comfort and performance. For a beginner skier, we recommend a flexible flex (90).


– Weight: 2152g
– Shell Material: Polyurethane
– Shell Technology:Dual Core
– Shell Bootboard: Hard Polyurethane Foam
– Shell Specifications :Easy Entry Insert

– Soles Specifications: Gripwalk Mounted
– Soles Features: Alpine Sole 5355 Compatible


– As you drive and flex into your boots, DUAL CORE actively compresses and expands – harnessing potential energy to deliver explosive power, snap, and rebound. Imagine WorldCup precision and response, easy entry-and-exit, and a new level of ski boot performance as reactive and dynamic as your own body.

Dual 3d Liner Sport:
– DUAL 3D LINERS are pre-shaped to match the inner shell for the most precise and accurate power transmission, and around the foot for our most comfortable anatomic fit. The DUAL 3D SPORT version is 60% customizable (shin, ankle, instep, toe box) with low-density foam integrated in key fit zones for enhanced comfort and support.

97mm Precision Fit:
– Lange´s PRECISION FIT provides an exact, race-inspired 97mm last designed for skiers with low volume feet or skiers seeking more foot compression and control without sacrificing comfort

Natural Stance:
– Lange´s unique NATURAL STANCE compliments modern ski designs, offering a lower ramp angle (4) and more neutral, upright stance to increase balance and control for more efficient power transfer and less quad fatigue.

Gripwalk® Mounted Soles:
– Mounted GRIPWALK° soles feature a thick rubber tread and convex toe profile, offering increased traction and more natural foot rol for enhanced hiking and walking comfort. Itegrated stiff pads guarantee optimized power transmission and full Alpine release function. Alpine DIN soles also available, sold separately.

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