K2 Wayback Touring Skis – ZXM373


Brand: K2
Color: Blue

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K2 Wayback Touring Skis – ZXM373

The K2 Wayback Touring Skis Multicolor are a versatile and high-performance ski option designed specifically for ski touring enthusiasts. These skis are perfect for those who love to explore the backcountry and conquer steep slopes.

With a lightweight construction and innovative technology, these skis offer excellent maneuverability and control on both ascents and descents. The multicolor design adds a vibrant and stylish touch to these already impressive skis.

Built with a robust and durable construction, the K2 Wayback Touring Skis are designed to withstand the rigors of ski touring. The skis feature a rockered tip and tail, allowing for effortless turning and navigation through various snow conditions.

Equipped with an integrated skin attachment system, these skis make it easy to attach and remove climbing skins for uphill ascents. This feature simplifies the ski touring experience and saves valuable time.

The K2 Wayback Touring Skis Multicolor are available in various sizes to accommodate different skier preferences and abilities. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a recreational skier, these skis provide a reliable and enjoyable experience on any winter adventure.

Overall, the K2 Wayback Touring Skis Multicolor set a new standard for ski touring performance. Explore the backcountry with confidence and style with these high-quality skis.

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