K2 Wayback 98 mm Skins – TBY118


Brand: K2
Color: Green

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K2 Wayback 98 mm Skins – TBY118

The K2 Wayback 98 mm Skins Green are a crucial accessory for backcountry skiers who are seeking optimal uphill performance. Designed specifically for the K2 Wayback 98 mm skis, these skins offer exceptional grip and reliability on steep climbs, making them an essential tool for off-piste adventures.

Constructed from Mohair Mix material, these skins combine a blend of mohair and nylon to ensure superior performance in various snow conditions. The mohair creates excellent glide, allowing the skier to move efficiently and smoothly uphill, while the nylon provides added durability and grip.

The green color of the skins not only adds a vibrant touch to your ski setup, but it also helps with visibility in snowy and overcast conditions. This feature ensures that fellow skiers can easily spot you during your ascent.

With a width of 98 mm, these skins are perfectly tailored to fit the K2 Wayback 98 mm skis, providing full coverage and maintaining optimal contact with the ski base. The skins boast a reliable adhesive backing, which securely attaches to the ski base, preventing any slippage or detachment during uphill climbs.

These K2 Wayback 98 mm Skins Green are a must-have for any backcountry skier who values backcountry versatility, superior grip, and durability. Whether you’re tackling steep ascents or exploring uncharted terrain, these skins guarantee optimal performance and reliability, enabling you to navigate the mountains with confidence.

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