K2 Wayback 92 mm Skins – BDQ119


Brand: K2
Color: Green

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K2 Wayback 92 mm Skins – BDQ119

The K2 Wayback 92 mm Skins Green is a set of skins specifically designed for K2 Wayback skis. These skins are essential accessories for backcountry skiing as they provide the necessary traction to climb uphill.

Made from a durable and lightweight material, these skins offer optimal performance and efficiency while touring in mountainous terrains. They are green in color, making them highly visible in snowy conditions.

The K2 Wayback 92 mm Skins Green feature a self-adhesive backing that securely attaches to the base of the skis. This ensures a tight and solid grip, preventing any slippage during ascents. The skins are easy to attach and remove, allowing for hassle-free transitions between skiing and climbing.

These skins are 92 mm wide, perfectly matching the dimensions of the K2 Wayback skis. The width provides ample coverage for an effective stride while maintaining optimal contact with the snow.

Designed for versatility, these skins are suitable for a variety of snow conditions, including powder, crust, and icy surfaces. They offer excellent grip and stability, even on steep inclines.

The K2 Wayback 92 mm Skins Green are an essential accessory for any skier venturing into the backcountry. With their reliable performance, durability, and ease of use, they are an ideal choice for tackling challenging terrain and enjoying unforgettable adventures in the mountains.

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