K2 Luv Bug 3 Alpine Ski Boots – NNO171


Brand: K2
Color: Pink


K2 Luv Bug 3 Alpine Ski Boots – NNO171

The K2 Luv Bug 3 Alpine Ski Boots are a stylish and high-performance option for young girls who love alpine skiing. Designed with a black and pink color scheme, these boots are not only attractive but also packed with features that enhance comfort and performance on the slopes.

With an energy efficient shell, these boots are designed to transfer power directly to the skis, providing excellent control and responsiveness. The four buckles and power strap ensure a secure and precise fit, allowing for maximum energy transmission and quick and effortless turns.

The Luv Bug 3 boots also come equipped with a cushioned liner that offers plenty of warmth and comfort, even on colder days. The liner is also easily removable, making it simple to dry and maintain the boots between skiing sessions.

Additionally, these boots feature a flex index of 40, which provides a forgiving and progressive flex suitable for beginner and intermediate skiers. This allows young skiers to improve their skills with confidence and ease while maintaining a comfortable fit.

Overall, the K2 Luv Bug 3 Alpine Ski Boots are a fantastic option for young girls who are passionate about alpine skiing. Offering a perfect balance of style, comfort, and performance, these boots are sure to enhance their skiing experience on the mountain.

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