K2 Diversion Helmet – BSH164


Brand: K2
Color: Brown

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K2 Diversion Helmet – BSH164

The K2 Diversion Helmet in Brown is a high-performance helmet designed specifically for alpine skiing enthusiasts. This stylish and protective headgear boasts a sleek brown color that adds a touch of elegance to any ski gear ensemble.

Featuring a durable hard shell construction, the K2 Diversion Helmet ensures maximum impact protection while retaining a lightweight feel. It utilizes innovative Hybrid technology, combining a tough ABS shell with an in-molded EPS liner for enhanced safety and shock absorption. This cutting-edge design not only provides superior head protection but also delivers superior comfort for long hours on the slopes.

The K2 Diversion Helmet includes an adjustable fit system, allowing skiers to customize the helmet’s fit to their unique head shape. With the turn of a dial, users can effortlessly achieve a secure and snug fit, ensuring optimal stability and comfort. The 360° K2dialed Fit System takes into account varying head sizes and perfectly adapts to each individual wearer, offering supreme versatility for a wide range of skiers.

Equipped with an integrated Climate Control ventilation system, the K2 Diversion Helmet allows skiers to regulate airflow and temperature for an enjoyable skiing experience throughout the day. The helmet’s vents can be easily adjusted with gloved hands to maximize airflow or close them off completely during colder weather conditions.

In addition to its unmatched safety features, the K2 Diversion Helmet also ensures convenience and usability on the slopes. It is compatible with audio systems, allowing skiers to enjoy their favorite tunes wirelessly without compromising safety. Furthermore, the helmet features a customizable goggle strap retention system, enabling users to securely attach their goggles for a seamless and hassle-free skiing experience.

Overall, the K2 Diversion Helmet in Brown is a stylish and technologically advanced protective headgear that offers excellent safety, comfort, and convenience for alpine skiing enthusiasts. With its superior construction, adjustable fit system, and ventilation features, this helmet provides the ultimate protection and performance, allowing skiers to confidently tackle any slope with both style and security.

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