Hagan Ultra 84 Touring Skis – HTX846


Brand: Hagan
Color: Black


Hagan Ultra 84 Touring Skis – HTX846

The HAGAN Ultra 84 Touring Skis are a high-performance and versatile option for avid skiers who enjoy ski touring. These skis are designed to handle a wide range of terrain conditions, making them a great choice for those who love to explore backcountry areas.

The Ultra 84 Touring Skis feature a sleek and stylish white design that stands out on the slopes. They are crafted with durable and lightweight materials, allowing for easy maneuverability and quick turns. The skis also have a wide profile, providing excellent stability and floatation in powder or variable snow.

These skis are designed specifically for ski touring, making them ideal for traversing uphill or long-distance skiing. They have a moderately stiff flex that enhances control and precision, allowing you to confidently tackle steep ascents and descents. The skis offer a combination of camber and rocker profiles, ensuring great edge hold on hardpack and enhanced maneuverability in softer snow.

The HAGAN Ultra 84 Touring Skis are equipped with advanced technologies, such as a lightweight wood core and carbon fiber laminates, which provide excellent energy transmission and reduce vibration. The skis also feature a versatile 84mm waist width, allowing for smooth turns in various snow conditions.

Overall, the HAGAN Ultra 84 Touring Skis White are a high-performing and reliable choice for ski tourers who seek to explore the backcountry with ease and confidence. With their durable construction, versatile design, and advanced features, these skis are sure to enhance any skiing adventure.

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