Hagan Core 89 Touring Skis – XRR174


Brand: Hagan
Color: Red

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Hagan Core 89 Touring Skis – XRR174

The HAGAN Core 89 Touring Skis are a high-performance ski option designed specifically for ski touring. These skis are expertly crafted with advanced technology to provide optimal performance and versatility on various terrains.

The black and red color combination of the skis adds a sleek and stylish look that stands out on the slopes. The black design also helps to hide any scratches or marks that may occur during intense skiing activities.

With a width of 89 millimeters underfoot, these skis provide excellent stability and control, allowing skiers to confidently tackle both groomed runs and off-piste adventures. The wider base also enhances flotation in powder snow, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride in deep conditions.

The HAGAN Core 89 Touring Skis are constructed using a lightweight and durable construction that effectively reduces overall weight without compromising on performance. This design makes them ideal for long-distance touring where reduced weight is essential for energy conservation and endurance.

Equipped with innovative technology, these skis feature a rocker-camber-rocker profile, combining a playful and forgiving feel with excellent edge grip on hard-packed snow. This profile allows for easy turn initiation while maintaining stability and precision throughout the ride.

Designed with the backcountry in mind, these skis are compatible with touring bindings, allowing seamless transitions between climbing uphill and descending. Additionally, the skis come with a ski touring-specific binding interface that efficiently transfers power while climbing and enhances control while skiing downhill.

Overall, the HAGAN Core 89 Touring Skis in black and red are an exceptional choice for skiers interested in exploring the backcountry, with their lightweight construction, versatile performance, and eye-catching aesthetics.

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