Gabel Alta Quota Winter FL EF Poles – VML852


Brand: Gabel
Color: Yellow


Gabel Alta Quota Winter FL EF Poles – VML852

The GABEL Alta Quota Winter FL EF Poles in Black/Yellow are a high-quality set of poles designed specifically for ski touring in winter conditions. These poles are built to withstand the demanding terrain and challenging weather conditions that are often encountered during ski touring adventures.

The poles are constructed with a durable and lightweight aluminum material, ensuring they are strong enough to handle the pressures of ski touring while still being easy to carry. The adjustable length feature allows for customized usage and ensures a comfortable fit for users of various heights.

The winter-inspired design of these poles features a sleek black color with vibrant yellow accents, adding a touch of style to your ski touring gear. The ergonomic grip with an adjustable strap provides a secure and comfortable hold, even when wearing thick gloves.

One of the standout features of these poles is the integrated Evolutional Flex system (EF). This innovative technology adds flexibility to the poles, absorbing shocks and vibrations during the descent, making for a smoother and more controlled skiing experience. The EF system also increases the durability and resistance of the poles, further enhancing their performance in challenging conditions.

Whether you are an experienced ski tourer or a beginner looking to explore the winter backcountry, the GABEL Alta Quota Winter FL EF Poles in Black/Yellow are a reliable and high-performing option. With their durable construction, adjustable length, and innovative EF system, these poles will help you navigate the slopes with confidence and ease.

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83-142 cm

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