Fischer Travers TS Touring Ski Boots – XKC152


Brand: Fischer
Color: Blue


Fischer Travers TS Touring Ski Boots – XKC152

The FISCHER Travers Ts Alpine Ski Boots in White/Blue are a high-performance ski boot designed specifically for alpine skiing. These boots are perfect for skiers who demand precision, control, and comfort on the slopes.

The Travers Ts boots feature a lightweight construction that allows for effortless mobility and agility. They are built with a carbon-reinforced Grilamid shell, which provides excellent power transmission and responsiveness. The shell also offers enhanced stability and support, ensuring optimal performance in various terrain and conditions.

Equipped with a sturdy four-buckle system, these boots offer a secure and customizable fit. The buckles can be easily adjusted to achieve the desired tightness and fit around the foot and lower leg. Additionally, the boots are equipped with a power strap that further enhances the boot’s responsiveness and control.

The Travers Ts boots have an adjustable flex rating, allowing skiers to adapt the boots to their skiing style and ability. With a medium flex, these boots strike a perfect balance between power and comfort, providing the skier with confidence and control on the slopes.

The inner liner of the Travers Ts boots is designed for maximum comfort and warmth. The liner is heat-moldable, ensuring a perfect fit specific to the skier’s foot shape. It is also insulated, keeping the feet cozy and protected in cold weather.

Whether you are an experienced skier looking for high-performance boots or a recreational skier wanting to improve your skills, the FISCHER Travers Ts Alpine Ski Boots in White/Blue are an excellent choice. With their advanced features, precise fit, and exceptional performance, these boots will take your alpine skiing experience to the next level.

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