Fischer Transalp 84 C Skins – DQF901


Brand: Fischer
Color: Grey

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Fischer Transalp 84 C Skins – DQF901

The FISCHER Transalp 84 C Skins Grey are a high-performance ski equipment designed for backcountry skiing and ski touring enthusiasts. These skis are built with advanced technology and materials to provide excellent performance, durability, and versatility on various snow conditions.

Featuring a sleek grey design, the Transalp 84 C Skins are not only visually appealing but also optimized for functionality. The ski’s construction combines a lightweight carbon core with a robust sidewall, offering a perfect balance of stability and weight reduction. This allows skiers to effortlessly maneuver through diverse terrains, from steep slopes to powder-filled bowls.

One of the standout features of the Transalp 84 C Skins is its integrated skins. These unique, pre-mounted skins eliminate the need for separate skin attachments and provide excellent grip on uphill climbs. The skins effortlessly attach and detach, making these skis incredibly user-friendly and time-efficient during transitions.

The ski’s 84mm waist width ensures versatility in different snow conditions. The narrow waist allows for quick edge-to-edge transitions on hard-packed snow while providing enough floatation in powder. Additionally, the Transalp 84 C Skins are equipped with an adaptive rocker and tip/tail shape that enhances floatation and maneuverability, even in deep snow.

Whether you’re a seasoned backcountry skier seeking technical challenges or an intermediate skier exploring off-piste terrain, the FISCHER Transalp 84 C Skins Grey is a reliable choice. These skis offer optimal performance, stability, and control, allowing you to maximize your backcountry experience while effortlessly gliding through untouched snow.

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