Fischer RC4 Power AR+RS 10 PR Alpine Skis – JBU866


Brand: Fischer
Color: Black


Fischer RC4 Power AR+RS 10 PR Alpine Skis – JBU866

The FISCHER RC4 Power AR+RS 10 PR Alpine skis in Black/Yellow are high-performance skis designed for expert skiers who enjoy the thrill of alpine skiing. These skis feature a combination of power and agility, allowing skiers to tackle any slope with confidence and precision.

With a sleek black and yellow design, these skis not only perform exceptionally well but also look sleek and stylish on the mountain. The AR+RS technology used in their construction provides enhanced stability, control, and responsiveness, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable skiing experience.

The Power AR+RS skis are built with a lightweight and durable construction, allowing for dynamic movements and quick turns. The skis are designed to maximize power transmission and energy transfer, resulting in efficient skiing and optimal performance on any type of terrain.

Equipped with the RS 10 PR binding system, these skis provide a secure and reliable connection between the skier and the skis. This binding system allows for easy adjustment to different boot sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for each skier.

Overall, the FISCHER RC4 Power AR+RS 10 PR Alpine skis are an excellent choice for advanced skiers who are seeking top-notch performance and reliability on the slopes. With their high-quality construction and advanced technology, these skis are sure to be a great investment for anyone passionate about alpine skiing.

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