Fischer RC4 Podium GT 130 Vacuum Alpine Ski Boots – TBN127


Brand: Fischer
Color: Yellow


Fischer RC4 Podium GT 130 Vacuum Alpine Ski Boots – TBN127

The Podium GT 130 is race bred boot for strong skiers who like to ski fast and ski aggressively. This boot excels on-piste and in the club racing scene, but also comes alive off-piste.

The narrow 96mm last offers a friendlier fit for all-day skiing compared to the Podium RD true World Cup race machine. Racing innovations such as the adjustable 3D cuff, VACUUM shell, and the high-performance liner allow for precise control and stability, while also providing an individually adaptable fit.


Grindable Tongue:
– Pressure spots, or areas with uneven contact between the boot and the skier´s foot lead to discomfort or instability. This tongue can be removed and ground to better accommodate any lower leg or instep shape for better fit, control, and comfort.

Lace Liner:
– Lace Liners provide a better and more compact support in the shell and for the foot, especially on the insteps and heel fit.

Phatt Maxx:
– The widest Velcro on the market, optimum boot adjustment according to skiing style and use. For enhanced power and pressure transfer.

Quick Fix Strap Closure:
– This power strap closure mechanism allows the strap to be easily opened and, especially under icy conditions foregoing the need to full rethread the tail of the strap.

– Perfect fitting at 80°C for the anatomy of the foot for direct control impulses and more rebound through greater elasticity. Greater temperature stability and 15% less weight.

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