Fischer GT 13 Comp Mag Poles – PTX848


Brand: Fischer
Color: Brown


Fischer GT 13 Comp Mag Poles – PTX848

The FISCHER GT 13 Comp Mag Poles Blackberry is a high-quality, performance-driven set of poles designed specifically for alpine skiing. These poles are crafted with precision and feature innovative technology to enhance your skiing experience on the slopes.

The GT 13 Comp Mag Poles are constructed using durable and lightweight materials to provide maximum durability and flexibility. The poles are made from a blend of aluminum and carbon, which offers an optimal strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring easy maneuverability and reducing fatigue during long skiing sessions.

With a comfortable grip, these poles provide excellent control and stability while skiing. The Blackberry color adds a stylish touch to your skiing gear, ensuring you stand out on the slopes.

The GT 13 Comp Mag Poles also feature Fischer’s innovative magnetic locking system, which allows for easy length adjustment without the need for complicated mechanisms or tools. This feature is incredibly convenient, as it allows you to adjust the length of the poles on the fly, depending on the terrain or your personal preferences.

These poles are designed to excel in various alpine skiing conditions, whether you’re cruising down groomed slopes, tackling moguls, or carving through fresh powder. They offer excellent support and stability, helping you maintain balance and control during high-speed descents or quick turns.

Overall, the FISCHER GT 13 Comp Mag Poles Blackberry are a reliable and stylish choice for alpine skiers looking for advanced poles that combine performance, durability, and ease of use. Whether you’re a professional skier or a passionate enthusiast, these poles are a great addition to your skiing gear, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience on the slopes.

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