Elan Ripstick Tour 88 Touring Skis – JIK430


Brand: Elan
Color: Black


Elan Ripstick Tour 88 Touring Skis – JIK430

The ELAN Ripstick Tour 88 Touring Skis Blue are a versatile and high-performance option for ski touring enthusiasts. These skis are designed to excel in a variety of conditions, whether you’re climbing uphill or blazing down the slopes.

With a width of 88mm underfoot, these skis strike a balance between lightweight ascents and stable descents. The narrower profile allows for easy maneuverability in tight turns, while still providing enough surface area to provide flotation in soft snow.

The Ripstick Tour 88s feature a lightweight construction, thanks to the use of advanced materials like carbon fiber and fiberglass. This ensures that you won’t be weighed down during long climbs, allowing you to conserve energy for the descents.

The skis also boast Elan’s Amphibio Profile, which combines a rockered shape at the tip and a cambered shape underfoot. This unique design enhances the skis’ versatility, providing excellent edge grip on harder snow and improved floatation in powder.

The blue color scheme of the Ripstick Tour 88s adds a stylish touch to these high-performing skis, making you stand out on the slopes. Whether you’re an experienced ski tourer or just getting started, these skis will deliver a superior experience, allowing you to explore the backcountry with confidence and ease.

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