Dynastar Pro 85+Xpress 11 Gw B93 Alpine Skis – SBU349


Brand: Dynastar
Color: Multicolor


Dynastar Pro 85+Xpress 11 Gw B93 Alpine Skis – SBU349

The DYNASTAR Pro 85+Xpress 11 Gw B93 Alpine Skis Multicolor is a high-performance ski designed specifically for alpine skiing. These skis feature a multi-colored design that is both stylish and eye-catching on the slopes.

With a width of 85mm underfoot, these skis provide excellent stability and control in all snow conditions. Whether you’re carving on groomed runs or tackling ungroomed terrain, the Pro 85+Xpress 11 Gw B93 skis will handle it with ease.

The Xpress 11 Gw B93 binding system is integrated into the skis, ensuring a seamless and secure connection between your boots and the skis. This binding provides excellent power transmission and responsiveness, allowing you to make quick and precise turns.

These skis are constructed with a lightweight wood core, which helps to reduce fatigue and increase maneuverability. Additionally, Dynastar’s Powerdrive technology is incorporated into the skis, providing exceptional edge grip and dampening for a smooth and stable ride.

The Pro 85+Xpress 11 Gw B93 skis are suitable for intermediate to advanced skiers who are looking for a versatile and high-performing ski. Whether you’re cruising down the mountain or pushing your limits in the moguls, these skis will deliver the performance and excitement you seek in alpine skiing.

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