Dynafit TLT8 Expedition CL Touring Boots – BPA309


Brand: Dynafit
Color: Blue


Dynafit TLT8 Expedition CL Touring Boots – BPA309

TLT8 Expedition CL is a Dynafit women´s ski boot of intermediate – advanced level that is characterized by saving energy during the descent. Its last is 103 mm
The structure of this model has two buckles to improve the support of the foot. If you want to increase your speed, you must make use of the Ultra Lock 4.0 closure system that allows easy opening and closing. The upper buckle is a lever that allows you to switch between skiing and riding; the lower buckle adjusts precisely to the foot, allowing it to be used with gloves.

The Dynafit winter footwear offers you a 60 degree rotation of the shaft that allows you to walk naturally. Its design has a reduced toe that allows more efficient passes. It also has a tilt angle of up to 18 degrees for a dynamic position. They are compatible with the new ultralight Cramp-In crampons.
The TLT8 Expedition CL ski touring boot for women is a true lightweight at just 920 grams for fast climbing-focused tours.

This boot is the newest generation of the well-known best-selling TLT series.

To ensure even more speed as well as comfort and reliability on the climb, DYNAFIT developers paid special attention to the new two-buckle Ultra Lock 4.0 closure system.

Simple and intuitive in its operation, it saves time when transitioning from climbing to descending.

The upper buckle has two functions:

It operates as a lever for the ski-walk mechanism and also opens the shell.

Just as with the mid-foot buckle, it is micro-adjustable and can be fit to your foot precisely.

The system is also easy to operate with gloves, and wins points for its reliability and solid workmanship – for speed, without compromise.

Thanks to a cuff rotation of 60 degrees, this boot enables a natural, energy-saving walking gait even on very steep terrain.

The shortened toe – the so-called “Speed Nose” – reduces the weight of this Speed ski touring boot, while its setback pivot point allows a more efficient walking gait.

In downhill mode, you can lock this ski touring boot into a forward lean of 15 or 18 degrees.

For ideal power transfer to the ski, the fit of the TLT8 Expedition CL has been re-engineered.

Its last width of 103 mm offers great comfort on long tours as well as a secure, sturdy hold at the heel.

The CL “Custom Light” boot liner is thermo-moldable and can thus be adapted to fit each individual foot – providing a perfect fit without pressure points.

This ski touring boot is ideally suited for use with the new, ultralight Cramp-In crampon, which was developed in partnership with mountain sports brand SALEWA.

Meaning your are also safe out of the binding while walking, be it on icy traverses or very steep terrain.

As with all DYNAFIT ski touring boots, the TLT8 is made in Italy´s Montebelluna and meets the highest quality standards.

TLT8 Expedition boot – Your lightweight companion for more speed on the mountain.

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