Dynafit TLT7 Expedition CR Touring Boots – JLD050


Brand: Dynafit
Color: White


Dynafit TLT7 Expedition CR Touring Boots – JLD050

The Climboost! Enhance your ascent speed and save energy for the next descent.

999gr (size 25,5)

· Top ascent efficiency · One buckle management · Snowdynamic concept

Speed nose
Ultralock 3.0 closure system
Lambda frame loaded with carbon
Ultra Lock Strap

Shell: Grilamid
Cuff: Grilamid loaded with carbon
Spoiler: Grilamid

Higher Ascent Efficiency®! The shorter toebox and rotation point at the binding attachment set further back make walking even more efficient. DYNAF IT revolutionizes once again the connection etween boot and binding, the legend continues.

Master step
Just one click – Revolutionized step in into Tech Bindings. The patented Master Step Insert makes the entry even more easier.
50% easier entry! The patented Master Step Insert provides 50 percent improved comfort upon entry compared to the Quick-Step-In Insert Tech bindings. We achieve this with longer guidance grooves that lock onto the binding pins in a semi-circle upon entry.

Maximum loads with a DIN Z-Value of 16! The Master Step Insert comes built into the ski boot using a new manufacturing process. This will double the strength of the insert in the boot and allow maximum loads with a super powerful freeride binding set to a maximum DIN release value of Z16. The Master Step Insert forms one unit with the boot without visible screws.

Automatically compatible with Dynafit Beast Bindings! An additional patent on the heel unit allows you to step into the super powerful DYNAF IT freeride binding Beast 14 and Beast 16 WITHOU T a Power Insert heel adapter.

ultralock 3.0 cl osure system
Manage the boot with just one buckle: fewer buckles means reduced weight, a more streamlined, snow-dynamic profile, as well as reduced risk of breakages. One dualfunction buckle enables the cuff to be opened and the tourer to transition from ski to walk mode in one action and vice versa, as well as opening and closure of the shell.

Snowdynamic concepts
BEA ST is the first snow-dynamic boot. It has been engineered to excel in deep powder with minimal loss of speed and to minimize the effect of unexpected impacts on the boot, which might cause damage to the boot‘s components. The boot‘s compact profile is free of lateral protuberances, while the more streamlined buckle has been placed in a more central position in order to reduce drag, protect components, and ensure efficient travel through snow. The posterior architecture also prevents the build-up of snow and stops it entering the back of the boot.

Lambda frame
The use of an exoskeleton provides lateral and front rigidity to the structure, favoring a precise immediate response. At the same time, this enables softer materials to be employed in less critical areas of the shell to deliver improved walkability and ease foot entry and removal into the boot.

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