Contour Set Race 59 mm – TFT003


Brand: Contour
Color: Blue

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Contour Set Race 59 mm – TFT003

The CONTOUR Set Race 59 mm Blue is a high-performance ski set designed for competitive skiers and adventurers seeking speed and precision on the slopes. These skis are expertly crafted to deliver superior stability, control, and responsiveness, allowing skiers to confidently push their limits.

With a width of 59 mm, these skis are ideally suited for racing and groomed trails where speed is paramount. The narrow profile ensures minimal friction, enabling skiers to glide effortlessly across the snow while maintaining optimal grip and stability during fast turns and descents.

The CONTOUR Set Race 59 mm Blue comes with skins, which provide additional traction when climbing steep uphill sections. Made from a durable blend of synthetic and natural fibers, these skins attach securely to the base of the skis, allowing skiers to ascend steep slopes efficiently without losing traction.

The skis are constructed using advanced materials, including a lightweight and durable core, reinforced sidewalls, and a high-quality base, resulting in exceptional power transmission with each turn. The race-focused design facilitates precise edge control, allowing skiers to carve clean lines even on icy terrain.

With a stunning blue color scheme, the CONTOUR Set Race 59 mm Blue not only performs exceptionally well but also stands out visually on the slopes. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a passionate skier looking to take your skiing skills to the next level, these skis offer the perfect blend of performance, speed, and style.

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