Armada Declivity 92 TI Alpine Skis – XMS050


Brand: Armada
Color: Black


Armada Declivity 92 TI Alpine Skis – XMS050

The ARMADA Declivity 92 TI Alpine Skis are a high-performance option for avid skiers who want to conquer the mountain with exceptional speed and precision. These skis are specifically designed for alpine skiing and are equipped with cutting-edge technology to enhance the experience on the slopes.

Featuring a multicolor design, these skis not only deliver superior performance but also add a stylish touch to your skiing attire. The 92mm width underfoot strikes a perfect balance between stability on groomed runs and maneuverability in variable conditions, making it a versatile choice for various terrains.

Built with a titanal construction, these skis offer excellent power transfer and stability. The metal laminate layer provides exceptional torsional strength, ensuring that your turns are seamless and controlled. The Declivity 92 TI also features a Hybrid Ultra-Light Core composed of lightweight wood and composite materials, which reduces the overall weight of the skis without compromising durability.

With a rockered tip and traditional camber underfoot, these skis exhibit exceptional floatation in soft snow and increased edge hold on hardpack. This combination allows for quick and effortless turn initiation while maintaining full control at high speeds.

Designed for advanced and expert skiers, the ARMADA Declivity 92 TI Alpine Skis offer an exhilarating experience on the slopes. Whether you enjoy carving precise turns or exploring off-piste terrain, these skis will provide the performance and stability you need to take your skiing to the next level.

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